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Return & Exchange Policy

At ALY hair, we want you to be happy with your purchase! If for whatever reason, you are not completely satisfied with your wig, you have 3 days (the day you receive it is day 1) to send it back for a return. If your third day is on a Sunday, please email us on or before that Sunday to tell us you need to return and you will have a one day extension to mail it on Monday. Your return will be processed 2 weeks from the time we receive it. Here are the need-to-know details. Please read carefully as there will be NO exceptions. 

~ When sending your wig back, please do NOT request a signature. Doing so may delay return processing by up to two weeks in addition to the normal processing time or result in the wig going back to you. If you wish, insure your wig instead. 

 ~ Your wig must be sent back in the condition it was received. This means the lace is not altered in any way, the hair has not been washed or heat styled, and all packaging material is in place. For toppers, please ensure that all clips are closed and hair is not tangled in them prior to sending. If clips are open upon us receiving it, an additional $20 will be reduced from your refund. Each item will be inspected before the refund is given. 

RESTOCK FEES ARE AS FOLLOWS: **NOTE: If you pay via Paypal or Sezzle, an additional 1% will be added to the restock fee due to the higher processing fees charged by these processors.

Wigs: 10% restock fee 

Toppers: 12% restock fee

Sport Wigs: 15% restock fee

Men toupee: 15% restock fee

Wondering why the difference? Restock fees help us cover non-recoverable costs (such as additional shipping costs, insurance costs, packaging costs, and so forth). They also help us cover processing fees, which are not returned to us upon refunding you. Without a restock fee, we unfortunately would need to raise our selling price quite substantially in order to account for these losses so the restock fee does help us offer you the lowest selling price possible. 

Hopefully this helps you better understanding what and why we charge restock fees. :) We realize they are an unfortunate part of shopping online but do appreciate your understanding as they are a necessary part of running our business and being able to offer you the best selection of products to choose from. 

All sale wigs are a final sale. If for whatever reason you mail your final sale wig back to us for a return, you will be required to pay the shipping costs incurred to get it back to you. 

~ We do NOT offer a cancellation policy. Normal restock fees will apply should you cancel your order prior to it being shipped out. Please be sure to research about your choice carefully prior to buying. 

~ If you feel you have received a defective product, please email us and attach thorough pictures within the 3 day return period and we will discuss it with you. If you have indeed received such product (which is a rare case), you will then be instructed to mail it back (shipping back to us will be paid for by ALY Hair Collection) and the wig or topper will be repaired or replaced at our cost and then mailed back out to you. This will NOT entitle you to return it with a waived restock fee. You can of course choose to simply return it, however the restock fee will still apply if this option is chosen.

 ~ If you wish to send a wig or topper back, please follow these steps:

  1. Proceed to our returns  2. Here you will be required to enter your order number and email and walk through the steps to create your return. Please note this must be done within 3 days of receiving your item, the day you receive it being day
  2. We will confirm your refund within 24 hours and you will receive an email regarding this confirmation. From there, you have another 24 hours to ship the wig back to the address provided below. If this occurs on a Sunday, you will have until end of day Monday to ship the piece back. Please do not require a signature with your package as this may delay us getting it by up to a week. Please allow 2 weeks after we receive your package and after it has been inspected for the refund to be processed.3. Please ensure that you write your NAME and ORDER NUMBER on a piece of paper and put it into the return so we know who is sending it and can verify the wig is matching your return request.

Canadian returns should be addressed to:

US and International returns should be addressed to:


Yes! All of our wigs come cut and ready to wear.
This said, you can still take your wig to a stylist for further shaping if desired.
Yes, all of our wigs are shipped out in packaging that does not incate anywhere on it that it is a wig or topper. Your privacy is our top concern!

We are pleased to offer express shipping via DHL (2-3 business days) to anywhere in the US for $10 per wig/topper over $900 (please note customs delays are beyond are control however rarely happen). Likewise, please note wigs will not ship on National holidays, so please anticipate a 1-day delay on those days. Shipping within Canada will be done via Canada Post and typically takes 3-7 business days and also costs $10 per wig/topper. 

We offer International Shipping for $95. Please note that Madison Hair is not responsible for any additional customs/duties charged by international countries. Please consult with your local post office authorities if you wish to get estimates on how much this will be. There should never be any customs when shipping to the USA however as these items are considered a free trade item. 

Please note that all shipping time frames are estimates only and at times, there may be delays. This is unfortunately out of our control and will not entitle the customer to a refund of shipping fees. 

Orders are shipped within 1-3 business days after the order is made. Please plan accordingly. 

The longevity of your wig will depend on how you care for it and how long you wear it each day. Using proper styling products, minimizing heat styling to only when necessary, and not sleepig in your wig will all enhance it's lifespan.

Typically with good care, you can expect your ALY Wig to last approximately 1-2 years, however some people may find they last even longer.

Our best tip, go SLOW! Remember you can always cut more off, but you can't put more back on.

We recommend you use a smaller pair of scissors to cut your lace for precision and accuracy.

  1. Begin by using some clips and clipping all the hair away from the lace. This prevents you from accidentally cutting any hair.
  1. Slowly trim around the hairline, starting at one ear and finishing at the other.
  1. Aim to leave about 1/4 - 1/2 inch of lace beyond the hairline. If you cut directly to the hairline, you may find you have issues with the lace sitting flat against your forehead.
  1. Once you've made your cuts, try the wig on and see how it looks. From there, you can choose to cut more if necessary.

For human hair wigs, definitely, you can style this wig any way you'd style your normal bio hair. This said, remember that heat tools do cause damage (just as they would your real hair), so proceed with caution.

Here are some tips to help save your hair from damage:

  1. Keep your setting to a maximum of 220 degrees.
  1. Use smaller sections. This allows you to keep the heat on the hair for less time, therefore reducing the damage.
  1. Use a quality heat protectant spray.
  1. Heat style only as necessary. Most will hold a curl well up to a week or longer.
We recommend high-quality, salon grade products. Avoid products that contain sulfates and try and choose ones that are for color treated hair. Remember, your hair is an investment and quality products protect that investment. It's worth it to spend a little more on a high quality product.

How often you wash it depends on how long you wear it each day, how much you perspire and how much product you use in the hair. We recommend washing once every 1-3 weeks with all these factors considered.

When your hair stops moving as naturally as it should, that's a good indication it's time for a wash.

While you can, we don't recommend it. Sleeping in your wig will reduce it's longevity. If you must, try and use a silk pillow to avoid tangling.

Nope! These wigs come with a special cap that hugs your head so you can simply put on and go. They are designed to be used without any adhesives, including tape, glue, clips, or wig grips. But if you want more secure feeling, you can ask for silk poly when you buy wig, we will sew on front and ear tabs for you, you can still use tape to feel more secure.

At this time, we are not accepting custom color requests. We do have new styles coming in regularly though so make sure you come back regularly, or better yet, join our newsletter. Then you will be the first to know about new wigs coming in. 

 All of our wigs are made using the finest quality Mongolian hair. This hair is virgin hair colored, meaning the cuticles are going in all one direction to prevent tangling.

Yes! Our wigs come with a full silk top, meaning you can part the wig anywhere on the top of the head just as you would your real hair and still maintain that realistic looking scalp. 

Our comfort cap sizes are standard size (medium) and fit most people just fine. Small and large come into stock on an occasional basis however most of our wigs are the standard medium sizing.

sizes are as follows: 

Circumference - 52 cm (20.47")
Front to Back - 34 cm (13.39")
Ear to ear - 29 cm (")

Circumference - 55 cm ()
Front to Back - 35 cm ()
Ear to ear - 30 cm ()

Circumference - 56 cm (22")
Front to Back - 36 cm (14.17")
Ear to ear - 35 cm (13.78")

At ALY Hair Collection, we do our very best to portray our wigs as accurately as possible. This said, we are unable to control the variances that can come from computer screens as well as different lighting scenarios. Likewise, many of our products are specialty colors and where they are parted or how they are styled can also influence exactly how they look.

We ask for your understanding with regards to this and know that there may be slight variances in how your wig looks when it arrives out of the box. Any return made in nature of this will still quality for restock fees. 

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